K-zar-X 1.0

Year 2035 E.C. You are Mike Miller, General of the First Squadron...

Year 2035 E. C. You are Mike Miller, General of the First Squadron of the Earth`s Confederation. When you cross the planetary system of Grymer`s Galaxy you`ve crashed your ship on the asteroid`s ring of K-zar-X planet.

You land in the planet, an unknown hostile planet. There are differents technology levels in his population. The indigenous life is none to friendly.

Your only option is find a ship to get away of K-zar-X. Good luck, General Miller. K-zar-X is a First Person Shooter in 3D with a lot of action and big levels to shoot, explore and take items to increase munition, live, granades or power weapon.

Nice, detalied and original scenarys to explore. K-zar-X also combine with FPS an spacial level across asteroids and airships and two survival levels in beautiful scenarys.

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